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proud leftist says:
cf @ 30Constitutionally speaking, the difference between “exigent” and “probable cause” is quite significant. Exigent always implies urgency, that time is a-wastin’. Probable cause can just mean “Your honor, we have reason to believe that the trunk of this car, which we have impounded, has a gallon of moonshine in it. We have reason to so believe because the passenger told us so. Can we have a warrant to open up the trunk?” See the difference? No urgency in probable cause.
01/04/2007 at 5:47 pm
Thanks for the clarification. I think the term I was looking for was “reasonable suspicion” rather than probable cause.
So the analogy to your example would be, the police stop a person for traffic violation and the odor of moonshine is eminating from the trunk. So the police officer has reasonable suspicion that there is moonshine in the trunk so the trunk is searched and moonshine seized. The evidence is admissible since there was reasonable suspicion to search the trunk. While there’s no urgency, there’s an immediate search and seizure with no warrant required.
Like I said before, on the surface this seems like an attempt to abridge people’s rights, but after reading the article, I don’t see that as likely. Seems like more left wing Bush paranoia to me.
01/04/2007 at 7:41 pm

Right Stuff says:
Oil is down again today…Must be that vast right wing conspiracy trying to influence the electorate with lower gas prices near the election…..or could it really be supply and demand.
Will the Dem congress stop funding Iraq? exactly as they did with Vietnam?
Bet not….sorry anti-war wing…your team is going to “stay the course” by keeping things going in Iraq.
Turns out we now have proof of Iran meddling in Iraq.Will congress have the stones to take care of the 21st century Hitler? we’ll see
01/04/2007 at 5:03 pm

Mike Webb SUCKS says:
Mike Webb SUCKS Poll:
Nancy Pelosi will:
1) Use her femininity to wow the good old boys in the Moonbat! Libtard Party.2) Give us Hillary Care.3) Bring shame to America.4) Undo Tax Cuts.5) Save the children from the evil Republicans.6) Elevate John Murtha to a “new position”.7) Will Cut-N-Run in Iraq. For reference if you go back and look at John Murtha, he was the same guy who told Clinton to leave Mogadishu. Now what did OBL claim his cuase centered around? OBL himself sighted the Cut-N-Run tactics in Somalia as example that Americans don’t have the stomach or will to tough it out and fight.8) Encourage our enemies. - Remember Investors Business Daily? Didn’t Nancy Pelosi say if we talk nice to the terrorists they’ll Leave? I posted top terrorists words who said she’s delusional!9) Fan the flames of homosexual marriage. - Isn’t she the San Franfreako treat?10) Find William Jefferson a new freezer, one the FBI can’t penetrate11) 1-4, 7-10.12) None of the above. She’ll sit in the chair hitting the gavel for 670 days!
01/04/2007 at 5:28 pm

Mike Webb SUCKS says:
A site for sore eyes of John Murtha lovers: nal/index.html
01/04/2007 at 5:37 pm

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