Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Revoking the Corporation ( link )

Why do people think they need ( must have! ) corporations to survive?

People used to think they couldn't have a government without sanction from a king, who presumably was granted his power to rule by God, and passed the authority on to others -- like, the Sheriff of Nottingham. This is how effective corporate propaganda has been: that most people cannot envision life, order, and prosperity without gigantic corporations organising every facet of it.

Consider this: In 1997 corporations worldwide caused $2.6 trillion dollars of damage , which they passed on to the world society at large. At the same time, they created $520 billion dollars of profit which they kept for themselves and their richest stock owners.

This is not good business on the part of world society and getting rid of these corporations is the highest prioriyu we as world citizens have. ( Hit the link above for more info. )

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