Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Boeing and Airbus sue each other...

Doesn't it seem ironic, given the current political climate in the U.S., that Boeing and Airbus are suing each other EACH claiming that the other is a larger recipient of "corporate welfare" from their respective states and therefore an unfairly subsidized entity. What about all this free market competition we're always hearing about from the corporate world? Both Business and government are so quick to deny the legitimate claims of poor citizens and yet so eagerly give the same sort of help to huge corporations. It makes me sick.......Sick of the corporations who demand the help and sick of the stupidity of the American electorate who consistenly vote against their own interests based on the asinine reasons that business and government give them for doing so. Then the corporations and the politicians treat themselves to the same welfare they supposedly decry.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Stolen Elections here in the U.S.

Find out how Republicans are using high-tech to steal elections.

Friday, May 13, 2005

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Monday, May 02, 2005

Noam Chomsky: the common-sensicle professor(link)

I remember many years ago when I was an undergraduate student at Northern Arizona University studying U.S. History and English Literature that I was briefly introduced to the linguistic theories of Prof. Noam Chomsky. What I was exposed to sounded interesting and "commonsensicle" to me--to the degree that I was capable of truly understanding it. I have used Noam Chomsky's name many times over the years in successful attempts to appear smarter than I really am to other bogus intellectuals like myself. I've recently been told by conservative bloggers that Chomsky is a nutcase and even mentioning his name in a comment brings immediate and derisive dismissal of what I'm attempting to write about. Having been raised in a conservative Republican family, I am very aware of the conservative tendency to authoritatively dismiss anyone who is suspected of not sharing their beliefs, even if they know absolutely nothing about the person they are pontifically dismissing. To me, it's just standard dinnertime chit-chat and the dissing of Chomsky only serves as a high recommendation to me, because I know that the conservative doing the dissing has never actually read anything written by Chomsky, they've only read articles by other conservatives telling them what to think about Chomsky.

So, I bought Chomsky's book, "Understanding Power", and much of what he says makes perfect sense to me. Here's a quote to give you an idea of where the man is coming from: " If you look at the academic left, say, it's mired in intricate, unintelligible discourse of some crazed post-modernist variety, which nobody can understand,including the people who are invoved in it-- but it's
really good for careers and that sort of thing." p. 328

That's about as incendiary as it gets.

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