Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Goya Classical guitar

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Verbiage about the Kay steel string guitar that destroyed fingers

The first guitar that I ever owned was an inexpensive steel string Kay guitar with a very high action. I was nine years old and we lived in Phx., AZ. My first guitar teacher was the 'Danke Schoen' guy, Wayne Newton. I had several teachers, as they did not last long at the 'music school' that I took lessons at. The next teacher that I hadwas a country and western bass player who taught me some ballads and stuff. Last of all was a teenager who was studying classical guitar. He later went to Spain and took flamenco and classical lessons there. He kept advising my parents to buy me a Goya nylon string guitar, as the brutal action of the Kay had left my fingertips blistered and raw. I quit the lessons for that reason, but I never forgot whathe said about the Goya guitars. They were made in Spain at the time and were of high quality.

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