Monday, May 29, 2006

The Magic Yamaha G-55 I Guitar with the Kid's Dad's Soul in it

I do not claim to be a "good" guitar player or even an adequate one. The one thing I claim for myself is that I can get people to dance when I play -- which is ironic as I am not a good dancer by far.

I sold all my guitar equipment a few years ago and have never regretted it. I worried occasionally that I was losing a part of myself but about a year ago a young man came up to me and my wife at a Starbuck's and handed me an old Yamaha classical style guitar and asked me if I would take it off his hands for free!

I said, immediately, "Yes!"

Several strings were missing and it was scratched and nicked here and there , but was generally in good shape.The wood behind the frets in the first five frets was visibly worn from someone's playing. To me, this gives an instrument, soul.

The kid explained that it was his father's guitar and that his father had given it to him -- but he had his own guitars now and never played this one -- so he was searching for a good "home" for the guitar and felt that I would give ir a good one.

And , so I have.

Today I put new Savarez strings on it , polished it up, and played some blues on it and Alice Cooper's song, "Eighteen". And, I still have my harmonicas.

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