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AIDS (Disease)
AIDS, acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, is one of the most devastating diseases of modern times. Billions of dollars have been spent on AIDS research, treatment, and prevention. The disease and its consequences raise difficult questions for people who have AIDS and their families and friends, as well as for health care workers, policy makers, and others.

AIDS (Disease) Overview

Globally, more than 21 million people have died since the AIDS pandemic began in the early 1980s, with the most damaging effects felt in sub-Saharan Africa. 15,000 new cases are reported worldwide every day.

Cause and Spread of the Disease

AIDS is caused by HIV, the human immunodeficiency virus. People who have…>> (read more)

AIDS (Disease) Points of View
Position United States is Serious About the AIDS EpidemicMany experts believe that the U.S. government and pharmaceutical companies are doing an admirable job of working to prevent and treat the AIDS virus, programs including needle exchanges are working to prevent AIDS and that the U.S. did not, as conspiracy theorists argue, develop the AIDS virus.
John Siegfried, a…>> (read more)

Position Are Government and Health Agencies Doing Enough to Prevent AIDS?Though nations around the world say they're committed to the fight to end AIDS, critics argue that the worldwide epidemic is not taken seriously enough and there is still a tremendous amount of work to be done. Author Tim Unsworth discusses how Arsenio Hall once said that AIDS is World…>> (read more)

Position United States Is Not Serious About the AIDS Epidemic
Some experts believe that not only is the U.S. not doing enough to prevent and find a cure for AIDS, the limited resources available are going to efforts that do not work, pharmaceutical companies block the availability of AIDS drugs in developing countries, and others contend that the government had…>> (read more)

4 AIDS in Developing Countries: An Overview
5 The United States Should Provide Financial Assistance to Developing Countries to Combat AIDS
6 AIDS Epidemic Demands Action from the International Community
7 African Nations Are Committed to Fighting the AIDS Epidemic
8 U.S. Pharmaceutical Companies Have Helped Make AIDS Drugs Available in Developing Countries
9 Development of an AIDS Vaccine Is Not a Magic Bullet Solution
10 Reducing Poverty Can Reduce AIDS in Developing Countries
11 Chinese Government Is Hampering the Fight Against the AIDS Epidemic
12 Deadly Passage to India
13 U.S. Pharmaceutical Companies and the U.S. Government Have Blocked the Availability of AIDS Drugs in Developing Countries14 Developing Countries Need to Reduce Risky Behavior to Prevent AIDS

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