Friday, January 21, 2005

"Outposts of Tyranny"

"...Stripped of social coloring and modern legal restraints, the arrangement for work in modern America resembles the same terms that functioned during feudalism. But this is more than an echo from distant times. The employment system is the defining structure for maintaining a still dominant hierarchy among citizens, those with stunted rights and those with expansive power over others."

"Where did citizens learn the resignation and cynicism that leads them to withdraw as active citizens? They learned it at the office; they learned it on the shop floor. The real-life education in who has the power and who doesn't creates a formidible barrier to ever establishing an authentic democracy in which Americans are genuinely represented and engaged. The socialization of powerlessness is probably far more damaging to politics than the special-interest campaign money or the emptiness of televison advertising." William Greider from, "The Soul of Capitalism"

Maybe we should tend to our own garden before we attempt to tend to the rest of the world's. What was it that that esteemed Repuplican president, Dwight Eisenhower, warned us against? He warned in his farewell to the nation address,in substance,to
beware the military-industrial complex!

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