Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Gangster of Love

was frank james and jesse james really gettin' all the best?
them was two bad cats way out in the west.
those cats coulda' dug me and my gangster ways
'til i hung up my guns--dug 'em to their graves-
'cause i'm a gangster-
a gangster of love.
girls in bars from near and far say i'm a gangster-
a gangster of love.

now lookee here--

jumped in my father's cadillac and rode across the state line
found fifty girls and kissed 'em all at the same time
took twenty-five or thirty and put 'em all on a freight
with a warrant out for my arrest in each and every state
i can't help it
'cause i'm a gangster--
a gangster of love.

sherriff clarence brown comes up behind me and says
headless{guitar}lucy is that you?
and i said yessir brotha' sherriff
and that's your wife on the back of my horse.
i can't help it
i'm a gangster of love

Words and Music by: Johnny "Guitar" Watson

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